Gay Tantra massage Barcelona

Gay Tantra massage Barcelona

Gay Tantra massage Barcelona is a very special service. Not too many men know what it is all about.

Finally it is time to explore and try it!

You’ll learn a bunch of amazing new stimulations today!

The only thing we can say in advance is that the huge majority of men who try it want to have it again. And again!

Tantra massage

While many people have heard the word “Tantra” in some intriguing context, not everybody knows what it really is.

I know to many men it is still confusing. What sort of experience is this about?

Does it sound like Yoga? Is it really spiritual? If so, how spiritual is it? Does it involve sensual pleasure?

What is for sure is that there is a superior level of sensuality and awanreness involved. Read the post!

Gay Tantra massage

During decades Tantra has been exclusively served by female therapists. Consequently only for straight men. This sounds like a contradiction, since gay men are very trendy and very curious about everything new.

The Tantra community was a straight one in its majority —before the 1990s. And the presence of gay men was somewhat not welcome.

Until we started learning from Tantric masters. Like me. Most of my training comes from female Tantric Goddesses.

Of course the male on male bodywork needs some very different attitude, grips and moves. So I adapted the classic heterosexual Tantra to the gay universe.

The result is what you are about to live up very soon. An amazing experience!

Tantra massage in Barcelona

Fortunately I moved back in from some years of discovering abroad. This is a long story though. For the time being I’ll leave it for a future blog post.

Barcelona has been one of the first cities in the world showing some interest for Tantric massage.

I can just tell you that my approach to Gay Tantra is different from the German and European.

How different is it? Way more intense!

Benefits of Tantra

There is an endless list of benefits. Since these are very personal, you surely will experience a few of these. Because every man is in a different moment of life. Emotions, private life, health issues… you name it! There are so many conditions that change the whole experience.

In other words, this experience with me will open your eyes on yourself. To a new landscape you maybe did not know that exists. And it is right inside of you.

Other guys tell me they just had some great fun though! It all depends on your own goals; or your own vision of life. Some guys are very analytic, while some others are more on the shallow side. Though Tantra always transforms your views into one or the other direction.

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