Contact me, it is extremely easy!

Please don’t use the Yelp messaging though! We don’t like blocked numbers either.

Just call me or text me on:

+34 656 714 393

We also like to point out that we don’t hide our faces. Because we are a lawful business and we are honest at all times about everything you need to know about our job.

Another reason not to answer blocked numbers is as easy to understand as we can’t return any call or an SMS. Since you called, we guess you want us to help you. And we can’t help hidden callers during a massage session.

You can also use SMS messages and whatsApp!

Placing a voice call or sending an SMS message is the easiest way to contact me. And consequently the full team of gay masseurs. We will go on from here!

We know you understand that last minute calls are not always possible, so please try to plan ahead of time!

Usually we have reservations and we always honor them all. We hope you understand this and we will be very happy to help you planning your best session with us!

Please have in mind our opening times, so don’t send messages after 11 PM and before 9 AM Barcelona local time.

Contact your Tantra masseur directly

Please feel free to call whenever you have a question. Discussing your doubts personally is always the best way to help you.

So don’t keep wondering and take action!

Answering times

I start answering calls at 9:00 in the morning.

That’s also the first time slot serving clients. Logically, if you want to start our Tantric session at 9 AM, you should make the booking during the previous day before 11 PM.

Opening times

We are working until 12:00 midnight.

This means we should start our late night session by 11 PM, and you should contact me at least one hour before, so about 10 PM.

As I said before, I have a schedule to book clients. Since this sort of massage is a very special one, it is always best to plan ahead. So don’t trust “last minute” appointments, since we might be already booked.

Exceptions for openings

We can always make an exception if you place your reservation ahead of time.

For example I can serve you 7:00 in the morning. Of course if you make the reservation the day before!

Also available at 1:00 AM, so after midnight, if you place the request before 10:00 PM.

Please have in mind that we also have rush hours for which we are more intensively requested.

Contact location

We are very well located in Barcelona! Easy to find, on a very famous avenue!

Also very conveniently close to many bus lines and Metro lines (literally on the corner).

Please contact us for the exact location. The information on Yelp does not include the full details for discretion purposes.

Booking contact

It is always the best idea to make a reservation ahead of time. We have many calls during the day so the first person to request for a specific timing will be the one we honor.

Of course we can try to adapt to your specific preferences in many matters! Just feel free to call!

Since we have no waiting room we need to book you for a specific time slot.


The most frequent question is:

Please tell me more about what Tantra massage is about.”

And that’s exactly what we explain on new light on gay Tantra.

If you need even more information, beyond these written words, please take a minute to call us. We suggest a voice call.

+34 656 714 393

See you soon in Barcelona!