Massage prices

Massage prices

Massage prices depend on two factors:

  • Session time
  • Tantric Massage intensity

This way you are free to choose among many different options.

Not just that, you can freely tell us exactly what you want so we can point the right therapy according to your preferences.

First off, I like to listen. So please call and let me know exactly what your expectations are!

Massage time sessions

We started offering two options: the one hour and the 90 minutes sessions. Time after time as you can see we have been adding many more options.

Since customers express their need for them!

Even though the short 30 and 45 minutes sessions sound like an oxymoron when speaking of Tantra, they are still among the most requested.

  • 30 minutes
  • 45 minutes
  • 75 minutes
  • 90 minutes

Of course, the longer the session the more Tantric the experience gets, and the more Tantra grips we can use!

Massage intensities

We can also go from very soft and relaxing to very intense. Your choice!

  • Relaxing
  • Medium intensity
  • Extremely intense
  • Spiritual
  • Carnal

The logical effect of timing is the use of a proportional range of grips. Consequently longer sessions result in a more intense and special Tantric experience.

Massage prices

Finally, the combination of the different intensities results is a wide range of protocols. Because the more intense, the longer we are able to extend the session.

Intense 45-55 minutes: 150 €

Especially created for lower budget clients and also for gentlemen in a hurry. It is a concentrated experience.

The soft, spiritual and blissful start for curious men. Though very good for just anyone who needs a break in routine.

Please note this option is only available from 12 noon to 6 PM).

Medium 75-85 minutes: 250 €

For a start, feel free to explore your connection to Earth through your #1 Chakra. It’s about connecting your prostate with your core energies. Absolutely amazing!

Full Tantra 110-120 minutes: 400 €

The genuine and original tantric bodywork for massage lovers! Consequently this is the most popular massage option!

Gentlemen who already know the advantages of Tantra of course always choose the most elaborate session. Forget about absolutely everything, especially worries.

Massage prices

We are absolutely open to discuss your personal questions and inquiries over the phone. This does not include bargaining, which is very gross in our opinion. So please contact us if you need to know in more detail what is including each of these massage options.

Finally, you are always free to choose if you prefer out-call massage or visiting our Tantric massage studio. Because our goal is always your convenience!

Available masseurs

After requesting our therapists catalog you are free to choose the masseur you prefer.

Please have in mind not all the masseurs are serving all the therapies.

At the moment you contact us, please let us know your decisions about masseurs and the therapy you choose.

Common sense and massage prices

Please have in mind that our business opening times are the ones displayed on our Yelp profile. So please contact us only during our opening times.

Of course you can always plan ahead of time, though please NEVER using Yelp messaging.

Sometimes we get messages at 3 AM (while business is closed) requesting the cheapest massage options. As common sense will tell you, that lacks any sort of logic, especially after reading these price descriptions.


The most frequent method our clients are using is cash. As you know, cash has the most benefits.

We never accept Credit Cards!

Please contact us if you have any questions!

We will be very happy to serve you!

See you soon!