New light on gay Tantra

New light on gay Tantra

New light on gay Tantra is very needed. Finally some fresh air, and new experiences!

That’s also what the clients of the new generations are demanding —and expecting.

After years of having similar Tantric experiences, some men are telling me that classic Tantra feels boring. In other words, the too spiritual —sometimes Yoga— approach to Tantra bodywork feels a bit dull to them.

Because times change, and most of the gay men who wish to enjoy Tantric massages already had them.

So where is the evolution of Tantra heading to?

New light on gay Tantra

After having very similar experiences, you probably need something different.

The fact is not just better, but also different!

Since the too rigid Tantra protocols feel outdated, me and my fellow masseurs developed a new approach to Tantric massages.

Of course every single man has different needs. But generally speaking, gay men want to experience something completely new.

Because new experiences always have an enriching effect on your life!


A massage that feels natural is always a better experience. We achieve the perfect balance between protocol and spontaneous behaviour.


The right place for the right experience! Our professional massage studio is perfectly set for tantric massages, with everything you’ll need to enjoy!

Spontaneity: the natural gay Tantra

The first thing I tried with my customers is being much more natural.

Because the mystery atmosphere is not sexy anymore just for itself. Now men like me to talk openly, as you do to a friend.

Additionally, during our initial conversation, we sometimes we have some fresh water. Some guys like a sip of Vodka or Gin. Or just some soft drinks!

In my opinion, have some small talk before starting the session helps a lot to know each other.

Though this conversation is not a must. Some clients prefer to remain silent. While other like to express their expectations, fantasies or special desires.

Decoration: some fresh air!

Too many Buddhas, a too thick smell of sandal. That’s so passé.

We can find some new ambiance to make us both feel more at ease.

After all, the Tantric experience is about joy and natural conversation. So the room should go along with this idea. It’s all about sharing a bubble in time!

While isolation is very needed, also some lush arm-chair or avery big mirror can help.

I like to set up a room where you feel at ease! Nothing pretentious, nothing too “spiritual” or “freak”.

Features: speak out!

The rigid massage protocol of Tantra si also outdated. Since each man is so different!

Your past, your background. Also the expectations about your future. We are constantly evolving. We want to go new paths, explore new territories.

If all these feels appealing to you, I think you should at least give me a call!

Contact me and let me listen to your dreams!

In the meantime, please feel free to check all the options and massage prices we can offer you.

We can speak a lot about gay Tantra in Barcelona!